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NorDan M1


Our doors are much more than just a beautiful surface. The clever details hidden under the shell.

The construction is one of the most secure and solid. You have the ability to choose additional accessories to enhance security and to create a personalized door.

Choose Color

Door construction

Energy efficient

A unique construction gives low U-values and energy savings.

Elegant design

Chen-chen wood textured surface gives a natural look and feel.

Plenty of options

Pull handles, spyholes, colours and letterboxes. Choose the options you prefer.

Secure and robust

A solid barrier keeping both the weather and burglars at a distance.

More information

Technical data
Options and accessories


NCS S 0502-Y

Jet Black
RAL 9005

Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016

Dusty Grey
RAL 7037

Basalt Grey
RAL 7012

Window Grey
RAL 7040

Silk Grey
RAL 7044

Grey Brown
RAL 8019

Nut Brown
RAL 8011

RAL 3011

Brilliant Blue
RAL 5007

Moss Green
RAL 6005

Oyster White
RAL 1013


Clear glass

Etched glass

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